Section 2.5 is up. Chapter 2 is half over. Just kind of flew by.

The short story I did with Sam Little called hungry is up in the issues section.

New section is up. It's short, but there is more coming this week, so look out.

Section 2.3 is up. It has zombies.

Wow I suck. I said the next section would be out in two weeks, and it ended up being closer to a month. My logic at first was i was going to have the holiday breaks to work on it, so I could get it out way faster, but the holidays just ended up leaving me with no time. Then I decided to participate in Indie Comic Book day, which took up an immense amount of time, but now I've completely retooled chapter 1, which reads a million times better now. Some day I'll get around to posting the revised version. Then I pushed the release date back, and my amazing mind decided I should install windows 7 which set me back another couple days, because I had to reinstall everything on my computer. But I'm back up and running, and ready and willing to go on the next section. Since so much work went into this one, I'm going to give myself three weeks on the next one. See your next month.

It's been a little while guys. My month or so break turned into 2 months pretty quick, but it was good. I got a lot of stuff done. Worked on a lot of projects. I completely retooled the series. You'll notice that this chapter looks quite a bit different than the last. I'm not sure if i'll stick with this new style or not. Next section should be up in 2 weeks.

Ere you go. The final section of Chapter 1. Man it's been quite a ride so far. It feels good to have made it this far (It only took 6 months (exactly (look it up, it's true))). I hope people have enjoyed it so far, and I hope this will hold people over for a month or two, while I take a break and make some music while stock piling some sections. Check the blog for more frequent updates during our time apart.

Wow. I suck. That last section took way too long. The new one is up, and I've got to start working on the next section. Hopefully this won't be late.

I thought I was late again this week, but it turns out I was a little early. New section of Northpark is up, and looking good. Next one isn't for three weeks. It's only 3 pages, but I have to design a ton of new characters for it, and I think it's going to take a while. The next section is going to big (scope wise, not size wise). See you in September.

Missed it by that much. So the new section was late by 10 minutes. Sorry. See you in two weeks.

Here we are. It's been a while. Took me a long time to get that section done, but I did it. And on time (just barely though). Enjoy the extra special four page section. The next section already written, and I'm raring to go. I've got to finish the anthology project I'm working on first, but it should be easy. The next section is coming out in 3 weeks, and then after that I'm going back to every two weeks! Hoo-Ray! See ya in a couple weeks.

Section 1.5 is now up, but that's not all. Did you happen to notice something new on the front page. That's right. Wolves of Saint August (My musical identity), now has it's very own webstie. You can download all the stuff I've ever released as Wolves Of Saint August (FOR FREE!!). I also uploaded a brand new DJ mix just today. So check all that stuff out.
Also I know the wait for the next section is particularilly long, and I'm really sorry about that, but I've got another project I've got to work on, and this next section is going to 4 pages. So patience. The wait should be worth it.

It's kind of crazy how little I used to update this news section, and I'm updating it like twice a month. Means shits going. Well, Section 1.4 is up. Section 1.5 should be up in about 2 weeks. Enjoy.

Northpark Underground Section 1.3 is now up. Check it out. There is a slightly longer waiting period this time around. About two and a half weeks this time, and the next section is going to have about the same amount of time, and then I'll go back to the bi-weekly schedule. This last section took forever, and I want to make a little headroom, on this next section, so I'm not working till the last minute to get the section out on time. So enjoy this one, because it wil be a little while till the next one.

Section 1.2 is up! Also 3 year anniversary!

Here we are. Bordering on almost 3 years of NeworldUniverse. I'm embarking on a new endeavor today. Northpark Underground, First section is up, and the next one should be out in two weeks. Hope you enjoy it.

Happy New year! Another Year in the NeworldUniverse. I was looking back at the first post, and this site has been going for almost 3 years now. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Well The big thing is, that Maladroits made it to Zuda. It's been pretty awesome seeing my work up on the site. Please go read it, and vote for it. There is a link in the Issues Section.

New Maladroits Gallery is up!

HOLY CRAP! It's been a long ass time. I've been working on a bunch of stuff here and there. I developed a series called Maladroits for Zuda, and there should be some news on that in a little bit. I've been doing a lot of graphic design work, professionally and personally, and I've been working on a lot of music stuff. But here is the websites new location. It's intergrated in with my graphic design portfolio now. So now you can enjoy both.

So it's been a couple months, sorry about the huge delay. Took me a lot longer than I thought to get Iatrogenesis done, but it is. Hope you enjoy it, it's in the issues section. It was quite a lot of work, and I'm looking forward to working on issue 2. I also just noticed that it was been almost 2 years since the launch of neworlduniverse. Here's too hopefully another great year.

Hey guys it's been a while. I just put up the full version of the Antecendent Monsters story. Now you don't have to read it on the crappy blog anymore. I'm currently working on the first issue of Iatrogenesis. You can check out some art for it over at the blog and at the DeviantArt page. Have fun!

Sam Chapter 5 short story is up in the issues section. Enjoy. This may be the last update for a long time in a while, I'm working on two issues right now and who knows when they will be done.

This is more that just and update, this is a whole frickin revamp. It's been a long time coming. To me the site looks a whole lot better. It's not as nearly as goofy and comic booky as it was before. It is a lot more refined.The most notable things are definately the totally updated Gallery (which is my favorite new thing), and the new Ideas section which is the only thing I haven't updated since the original site came out.

So here we are almost exactly a month later, and here is another issue. Well this is the art book, so it's only sort of an issue, but here you go. This is the end of the first volume of the water closet. I've already written the first issue for the next volume, but I think I'm gonna wait on doing the art for it. The reason for this is that I am currently working on two other comics at the moment. Sam and Iatrogenesis. The first Sam short story is already done, it's currently being posted daily over at the Water Closet blog. In a couple days it should be here as well in it's full version. And Iatrogenesis first script is almost done. Check back in a couple days.

Hey ya. Another post. Well the new issue is up in the issues section. Yup that's right, I know it's pretty unbelievable, but yes that's two issues in less than a month, but it's true. Enjoy.

Well it's my birthday, but I'm going to give you a present. Site updates. Updated (the very out of date) Gallery. Also updated the issue section. And I assume you saw the intro page. And hey less than a month between posts how about that.


Yah yah yah. This thing never gets updated. I know. Clumsy Antelope is all done though. It's in the issues section as always. It was a lot of fun. Also if your pissed about this never getting updated check out my blog here (link in the links section). It's got way more up to date news, plus new art from me pretty much daily. Enjoy.

WOW, two posts in two days. Uh, just wanted to say the preview for Clumsy Antelope is up. It's in the issues section as always. I'm pretty excited about it.

The Break wasn't as long this time. But I don't have as big of news. Basically I've got the flash version of Tales up and running. It's been up for a while on another site, but I'm finally moving it over here. You can check it in the issues section as usual. Most people say it's pretty cool. Also look for a preview of the second installment of The Water Closet called Clusmy Antelope in the coming days. Here's a little add for Tales:

Wowza. Back again. It's been a long long time. But I've been busy. Well sort of. I've finished the first story for my Water Closet series. TALES OF SUB-RIVIERA. And if I do say so myself it's by far my best work to date. The look of it is 10times better than anything I did for Neworld. It's up in the issue section. Check it out if you have the time. It's about as long as all the neworld issues, but It's got a gallery section and some other stuff. Also I'm working on a flash version of it, where there is going to be small amounts of animation on each page. It should be cool so look for that in the future. Also I just realized that we are boardering on our 1 year anniversary of the site. I should do something special for the one year anniversary. Also if you were wondering what the next story was going to be in the water closet. I'm thinking of going a little old school with a trip back to Primary Plus, but don't hold me to that.

Been a really long time this time. Not much is up. Neworld has taken a back seat to who-rey-grad. But you can finally read the finished version of issue 3. Check it in the issues section. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime.

Wow, It's really been a long time since the last update. First let me say sorry. I started working on my music project Who-Rey-Grad, and it kind of took over, but good news is on the horizon. I've almost completely finished the new issue, which is the last issue of second volume. After this issue I'm going to be taking a break from neworld, to work on my short story project called The Water Closet. I've already started production on three stories. The first one is called The Escape Of Thomas Zann, and is a prose story with illustrations. The following story will be The Last Days Of Earth, and then finally I'm returning to Primary In Private. I've finished the first draft of the script for TEOTZ and I've started sketching, so some time soon you'll start seeing stuff for that. Check this space for the next issue, coming sometime in the next couple days.

Well it's finally arrived the new issue! This is the second part of Volume 2. I had a lot of fun making it and you can read my thoughts on the issue as well as your comments in the new mail section. The issue is in the issues section of course. Enjoy!

The updates just keep on coming. I've updated the site again, and this time I added a character index where you can view pretty much every character that has ever been in the neworld universe. I did a little work on the new issues section as well so it's a little easier to navigate now. In actual neworld news i've started writing the last part of volume 2, and i've only got a couple pages left to pencil and ink for issue 2. It should be out in the next week or so.

Heyo, I've updated the site again. Now we've got even more cool stuff. I fixed a lot of bugs that the site had at first. I also added the McKluskey Miracle Men preview and the Primary in Private preview as well. I also fully update the Primary in Private section. In the links/recs section, I now have a whole slew of recs so check those out. Also I got a lot of comments on the one comic in the ideas section called The Last Days Of Earth, so I put Neworld on hold and started working on TLDOE again. I've already got a couple pages done. You can check one of them out on our deviant art page in the links section. Speaking of deviant art accounts I also added our colorists and our editors deviant art pages to the links section. So drink up and enjoy.

All sections are now updated and running. Check out the ideas section which features plot summaries and status of everyone of my projects. The gallery has been updated and now has several new alternate covers, and concept pieces. The Links section is now up, where you can check out the Neworld bussiness site and some of my favorite sites. The recomendations part should be coming soon. The Issue page now has links to all of the issues. Check back here for more info in the future.

This is the new site for neworld. There are tons of new sections now. First off we have this page which has up to date information on the happenings in the neworld universe. Another new section is the gallery where you can view unreleased art and sketches. Then we've got the good ole' issues sections where you can read all the old issues and the new Volume 2 issue 1. Making a comeback is the ideas section, this is where i have all my other ideas for comics that havent been made yet or are in production. And last but not least is the links section where we have links related to neworld and things I recomend. Plus I'll be having recomendations for comics, music and movies in this section. Have fun checking out the new site.