I strive for two things in particular with all my work, originality and versatility,no
matter what medium I’m working with. Whether it be my illustrations, which
are most commonly water color, pen and pencil, in which I’ve developed
my own unique style of putting down paint to create interesting
patterns and textures. I’m always trying to push the
boundaries of what’s normal or accepted in whatever
medium I’m working

Even in something as simple as comic
books I push myself to do things that no
one else is doing. When most people think
they’ve seen all that comic books have to offer I
show them things they thought they’d never see. In a recent
project called Tales from Sub-Riviera I’ve created a work that incorporates
traditional illustration with graphic elements and photography. Instead of just showing
exactly what’s happening in the scene I use abstract photographs and graphic symbols
to illustrate what is going on in the scene. I’m heavily influenced by the works of Jasen Lex,
Ashley Wood and Jamie Hewlett, but still have a style completely my own.

I instill the same work ethic in my graphic design work as well. I always try to remember c
lassic work, but I am much more influenced by a modern urban style. I often use abstract symbols
to help emphasize pieces. Explosions of text are another common attribute of my work. I’ll take normal copy and make it fly all over the work to give it the energy it may have been lacking before. I try to push the parameters of every project I set for myself, and make it so I never repeat myself or someone else.




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