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12.07.10 Mega update to the music page. All the info added about the new album, as well as new collection of remixes.

09.21.10 It's my birthday and I've decided to give a present instead of recieve one this year. I'm putting my new EP Precipice up for download. Check the music section for the download. The same hand that gives also takes away, a lot of the old stuff has been removed from the music section, hope you got it while it was around. If you missed out, lemme know and I might be able to get it to you.

08.16.10 Music section has been updated.

07.31.10 Ocarina Orchestra is up, my Ocarina Of Time remix project. And there is a new remix up on the blog.

07.14.10 Remixes Vol.3 is up. Also I'm hosting an album for a friend of mine. He goes by the name Ice Cream Social, and the album is called Fathoms, It's awesome.

05.22.10 A couple of new remixes up, including Passion Pit, Kid Cudi, Innerpartysystem, and Harold Faltermeyer. As far as Wolves business. I'm working on a new EP of original material, that should be out some time this summer, along with the Ocarina Of Time Megamix and the ful version of Remixes Vol.3.

04.07.10 New remixes up including Brian Beyke and TeamNate. Also my second full lenght album is up for download in the music section. Also I've got a new mash-up out called Mumatz Neck Tatz which is Four Year Strong VS Ratatat.

02.04.10 Sites been updated. I've got a new blog which you can get to from the main page. If you check the music section there are a couple new songs.

12.31.09 I've been sort of forgetting to update it. But there are a couple new mixes up, and the music page has been updated.

06.23.09 WOLVES REMIXES VOL.2 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check the music section, to download 10 remixes for free. Also while you're there check out the latest DJ mix I've posted.

06.10.09 New website. Check out the music section. Tons of stuff to download, and tons of stuff to check out.